Rumi's Cave / Talks


A discussion led by Abbas Maysam / Artist & Poet

Saturday 17th May / 4-6pm / Free Entry
@RumisCave 26 Willesden Lane, London NW6 7ST


In this discussion Abbas will set out a brief overview of ideas regarding the notion of Islamic Art, whilst trying to understand what it is through exploring the following questions:

  • What is Art?
  • What do we mean by the term ‘Islamic’ when used in this context?
  • What are the rules/guidelines of Islamic Art?
  • What are the common features of Islamic Art?
  • Is the art and culture of Muslims inherently religious?
  • Can Modern Art be ‘Islamic’?

About Abbas Maysam:

As an emerging poet and visual artist, Abbas has exhibited and performed his work throughout the UK, at venues including MICA Gallery and Red Gallery (in conjunction with 3FF and Sotheby’s). In 2013 he was appointed resident poet at Rumi’s Cave, where he is a founding member of the Cave Collective.

About Discussions @ the Cave:  

This is a regular, community-led forum, powered by Disseminus. It is a thinking space where we invite interesting, creative, and curious individuals to set the scene for an open public discussion. For more information please visit

We are currently looking for people to lead discussions on any area of their interest. Please email to enquire.

Disclaimer: Speakers and participants do not reflect the views of Disseminus or Rumi’s Cave.

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