Rumi's Cave


FLyer Story Salon

Stories of Flaws, Faults & Errors

We would like to invite you to a night of sharing insights

to our inner and outer struggles, to our flaws, faults &


We believe

Sharing and spreading our stories will manifest our

histories. On Friday, the 15th of August we would like to

invite you to share your story and listen to the stories of

others at Rumi’s Cave, 26 Willesden Lane, London NW6 7ST

at 7pm – a night of connectivity, a space for empowerment.

4 storytellers will be followed by an open mic and a jam

session by the Rumi’s Cave crowd.

Who we are

The #SchauHin team is a diverse group of activists of

Colour from Germany, who work together against everyday

racism. In 2013 we started the hashtag #SchauHin to

increase the awareness for racism in the German society.

We have sought for ways to transmit the empowering

moment to non-digital spaces. In June 2014 our first Story

Salon in Berlin took place, bringing together activists to

share their stories of transformation. Many other Salons

will be following this year.

Open Mic

We would also like to invite you to share your creative mind

and soul – decide on a story that is about flaws, faults and


With your consent we would like to record your story and

later on share it with other people, so they can be

empowered upon your story (you can always e-mail us if

you are unhappy with the recording). The stories will be

published as audio podcasts and as videos on YouTube.

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