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REEL OFF FILM NIGHTS: The Spook who sat by the Door


FILM AT THE CAVE 2014 08 - the spook who sat by the door

This week’s Reel Off Film Night will be a screening of ‘The Spook who sat by the Door’, presented by Abu Salahudeen.

Released in 1973, Sam Greenleeys “The Spook Who Sat By The Door” quickly took on a cult status and became an influential Black film of the 1970s. Set in the turmoil of the civil rights era, Dan freeman played by Lawrence Cook turns his CIA skills against the government that trained him in an effort to achieve black liberation once and for all.

Following its release, elements of the american government saw it as subversive and influential among young black filmgoers and subsequently the film was withdrawn and was not to see the light of day again until the 1980s. Following a public campaign in the last few years the film was re-released to a new generation and stands as a lasting legacy to Ivan Dixon the Director and Sam Greenleey who recently died.

Abu Salahudeen who shall be presenting the film is a regular contributor at Rumi’s Cave. He was a student of Media and previously founded and ran two Islamic Media companies, and has dedicated the last few years to giving public speeches in the field of Islam, History, Politics and Media throughout the UK. He is currently researching for a book on the Right of Rebellion under an Islamic State.

Reel Off will now kindly be hosted by Rumi’s Cave, which offers an eclectic mix of programs and events, ranging from poetry and music nights, to afternoon tea, and a variety of talks, courses and creative workshops.

Event Details: 

6.00: Doors open

6.30: Presentation by Abu Salahudeen

6.45: Screening of ‘The Spook Who Sat By The Door’ by Ivan Dixon

8.35: Discussion

Entrance is free, donations (to cover costs) welcome!

26 Willesden Lane,
London NW6 7ST


Please bring food & non-alcoholic drinks. We’ll provide tea and small snacks.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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