Courses / Rumi's Cave

REWRITING RELATIONSHIPS / Workshop w/ Medina Whiteman


Creative Writing workshop w/ Medina Whiteman (Writer & Musician)

“Shine a light on all of your relationships, whether romantic, family or friendly, or the reasons why new ones might be hard to start. Discover your flash points and lay ghosts to rest in order to nurture healthy relationships filled with mutual love and respect. There will be plenty of time to drink tea and talk too in this welcoming, non-judgmental environment.”


Saturday 30th August / 2:30 – 5:00pm / @RumisCave
£5 with Advanced Booking / £7 On the Door.

Artist Bio:

Medina Tenour Whiteman is a writer, musician, and creativity kindler with not many answers but lots of ways to help you find your own. With many articles and stories published internationally, she also has a collection of poems and an album in progress. You can find more of her writing and music at

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