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Maghrib / Saturday 30th August / 7:00 – 8:00pm / @RumisCave

In light of what is happening in the Muslim world due to the turmoil of divisive conflicts, we would like to warmly invite you to pray side by side next to your fellow Muslim regardless of what sect they follow!

We hope that this will encourage unity and make a peaceful statement to the rest of the world. The prayer itself will be filmed as part of the upcoming documentary Why Can’t I Be A Sushi ? Member’s of the films production team will be present alongside leading Sunni and Shia scholars and teachers who will be speaking at the event including:

– Sheikh Ahmed Haneef –
– Sheikh Babikir (TBC) –
– Ustadh Ahmad Pirzada (TBC)

It is also possible to attend without being filmed.

About the documentary:

Why Can’t I Be A Sushi?

This documentary is presented by 2 young sisters — Niamh (age10) and Sofia (age 8) who are curious about the on going sectarian divisions amongst Muslims — It reveals their journey as they seek answers to why historical decisions of the past have created a growing number of extreme Muslims.

This film promotes peace, challenges stereotypes and encourages unity. By addressing the issue through the eyes of a child this will clarify the subject and bring back historical routes in a positive light where violence and aggression has no place in a difference of opinion.

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