Book Club / Rumi's Cave

BOOK CLUB / September Book Launch

BOOK CLUB @ Rumi’s Cave

Special book launch with author Novid Shaid, who will be discussing his debut novel The Hidden Ones:

This debut novel by Novid Shaid weaves together the genres of supernatural, mystery, thriller and Sufi mysticism. The inspirations for the story include the authors travels and meetings with remarkable people around the world and also from an eclectic range of works like Stephen King’s, “The Green Mile,” Yann Martell’s “The Life of Pi” and Ibn Al Arabi’s “Sufis of Andalucia”. Haunting, poignant and fast-paced, The Hidden Ones will leave you thrilled.

Book Club is a monthly meeting place for book lovers: share an afternoon of reading and thought-provoking discussion. Whether it’s a book you’ve read, are reading or want to read – bring it along!

Saturday 13th September, 2-4pm @ Rumi’s Cave
Hosted by Sidra Mushtaq

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