LOSS, ALIENATION & LONELINESS – How to find Spiritual Healing.

How we do find our way out of these painful and negative self states to something higher and more satisfying? What are the feminine aspects to this search? How do we engage the male within the female soul and the female the within male soul, in service of the whole self? With time for Q&A.

Doors Open 4:30pm for 5:00pm Start. This is a women only event.

Rabia’s Garden and An-Nisa Society are delighted to host Sheikha Halima Krausen for this talk and discussion.

Rabia’s Garden
Rabia’s Garden is a sanctuary for all creative, spiritual and curious souls. Our aim is to establish nurturing spaces where we can re-connect. We believe that in strengthening bonds between women, our communities prosper. All events are women led and as we are part of the Rumi’s Cave family we follow their ethos of connecting hearts, minds and communities.
An-Nisa Society
An-Nisa Society was set up in 1985 and is a voluntary group, managed by women and working for the welfare of Muslim families. An-Nisa works for the well-being of society by nurturing individuals and families, re-establishing local communities, developing infrastructures of support, harnessing resources and through the promotion of services that are faith friendly. An-Nisa Society is committed to engaging in dialogue with other faiths and cultures in order to promote harmony and co-existence
Halima Krausen
Shaikha Halima Krausen was born in Aachen, Germany into a Catholic/Protestant family. She became Muslim in her early teens, eventually learning Arabic and studying with visiting Muslim scholars and travelling extensively in the Muslim world. In 1992, she completed her studies in Hamburg that included Islamic Law and Theology with Imam Razvi, the leading scholar in Hamburg’s Muslim Community, as well as Islamic studies, Christian Theology and Comparative Religion at the university. As a successor of Imam Razvi, Shaikha Halima was the Imam for the German speaking Muslims in Hamburg Mosque 1996-2014.
From 1984-1988 she was part of a team that produced a German translation of the Qur’an with commentary notes, and afterwards was involved in translating some volumes of Hadith and Islamic law as well. In 1985, Shaikha Halima became a founding member of the Inter-Religious Dialogue Circle at the Department of Theology at Hamburg University where she is now teaching Islamic Studies and Interfaith Relations. Finally, in 1993 she helped found the educational institute Initiative for Islamic Studies. She contributed to several books on interfaith studies and wrote a number of articles on various Islamic and inter-religious subjects. She teaches regularly in London and across Europe and is particularly interested in inter-faith dialogue.
Since 2003 Shaikha Halima has been a visiting scholar with An-Nisa Society where she has facilitated a range of text based workshops on the themes of: Islamic Studies, Islamic History, Philosophy, Jewish Muslim dialogue and Healing the Self. Other collaborative ventures include developing ideas on Islamic counselling, sexual health, community building and Islamic and civil society.

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