WELL WOMAN YOGA – Monthly Classes with Zahrah Awaleh
Saturdays, 11:00-13:30 / 11th Oct / 8th Nov / 13th Dec / @RumisCave
Women Only / £25 for all 3 classes or £10 per class.
Booking necessary – please register via
Well Woman Yoga is about developing core muscles around the pelvic floor and abdomen, strengthening the rest of the muscle groups, weight bearing to increase bone density, stretching and increasing flexibility, and deepening relaxation and learning sound and breathing techniques for reducing stress, tiredness and pain.
Well Woman Yoga is suitable for women aged 16+ to cope with the challenges of womanhood from menarche through to childbearing years then into menopause and beyond, all abilities and backgrounds are welcome’.

About the instructor:

Zahrah Awaleh is a mother of four and she gave birth to her younger two children at home and used yogic breathing, sound and movement techniques for pain relief and mobility in labour. She trained as a yoga teacher in 2011-2012 and completed a Diploma in Well Woman Yoga thereafter. She taught Mother & Baby Yoga at Loxford Children’s Centre, Ilford, in Feb-Mar 2014. She currently teaches Well Woman Yoga in Ilford. Zahrah plans to hold more Well Woman Yoga classes and workshops across London in the near future.
About Rabia’s Garden:
Rabia’s Garden is a sanctuary for all creative, spiritual and curious souls. Our aim is to establish nurturing spaces where we can re-connect. We believe that in strengthening bonds between women, our communities prosper. All events are women led and as we are part of the Rumi’s Cave family we follow their ethos of connecting hearts, minds and communities.

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