INTIMACY 101 – Unspoken Words


INTIMACY 101 – Unspoken Words
Talk + Q&A about Relationships, Marriage and Intimacy.

Sunday 12 October, 3-5pm, @RumisCave / (Women Only Event)

While the world is bombarding us with sexual images, sex and intimacy have became taboo subjects in the Muslim community. The purpose of this talk is to help educate women towards a more constructive stance on sexuality and love in relationships; prepare them for a realistic marriage and understand how their partners think, so as to improve their current or prospective relationships.

Speaker’s biography:

Buthaina Ibrahim Graduated in Midwifery in 2007 at the University of Milan (Italy) she trained and worked in the biggest Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology in Milan.

She studied sexual medicine at the Italian Association of Sexology and Applied Psychology, an association affiliated to the European Federation of Sexology and to the World Association for Sexual Health. In 2010 She received a diploma as a sexual counsellor and worked for one year as an assistant trainer for the association. Currently she is a research assistant specialising in neonatal medicine.

About Rabia’s Garden:

Rabia’s Garden is a sanctuary for all creative, spiritual and curious souls. Our aim is to establish nurturing spaces where we can re-connect. We believe that in strengthening bonds between women, our communities prosper. All events are women led and as we are part of the Rumi’s Cave family we follow their ethos of connecting hearts, minds and communities.

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