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SACRED SCENTS / Course with Michelle Patrick

SACRED SCENTS / Course with Dr Michelle Patrick:

Saturday 1st November, 2:30-5:00pm, @RumisCave
26 Willesden Lane, London NW6 7ST

£7 Early Bird Booking, £10 On the Door: 
Book via

Join us for this new course taught by Dr Michelle Patrick, as she shares her wealth of knowledge on the power of fragrance and how it can provide balance in every aspect of our existence. Through 6 monthly sessions we will explore and discover the powerful dimensions of sacred scents, discussing their spiritual and physical benefits.

It is not necessary to have attended previous sessions. 

Course Overview: 
Scents of the earth have been used in cultures around the world in ancient places of worship and contemplation, to the homes of those enchanted by aroma and moulded in the hands of the grounded for healing purposes. The power of scent is a divine blessing which brings many inner dimensions of healing and spirituality. Moulded by creation and gifted to our sense of smell, the power of fragrance can provide balance holistically in every aspect of  our existence .
Join us as we explore and discover the dimensions of sacred scent with six monthly sessions: 
Class 1 – November 2014
History & Exploration
An in depth view of the history of scent culturally and historically through the ages. Explore the  concept of woods, spices, resins, herbs, oils and the vast benefit to the holistic being physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically also discussing the versatile methods of use.
Class 2 – December 2014
Scented Wood
Discover the sacred dimensions of fragrant woods.
Class 3 – January 2015
Essential Oils
Explore the uses and healing benefit of natures sacred oils.
Class 4 – February 2015
Fragrant Resins
Indulge in the world of fragrant resins and their healing potential.
Class 5 – March 2015
Herbs & Spices
Discover the versatility and healing abilities in the fragrance of herbs & spices.
Class 6 – April 2015
Aromatherapy Prescriptions
Gain knowledge in blending aroma in order to alleviate and heal a variety of ailments holistically.


About Dr. Michelle Patrick:

Michelle Patrick PhD is an experienced Herbal Physician, Nutritionist, Naturopathic Health Coach & Earth Steward with a grass roots and spiritual approach to teaching. Also experienced in environmental sciences, she continues to feed the seed of responsibility and reconnect awareness with her work. Please visit her site for more information:

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