Performance / Rumi's Cave


Midwives of Freedom: the Women of Exodus’
A Muslim-Jewish storytelling piece

Midwives of Freedom‘ is an hour long storytelling piece, the result of
much research, discussion and personal & shared
reflections.  Drawn from the Torah and Quran as well as
Jewish and Islamic commentary on the texts ‘Midwives of Freedom

tells the stories of the women crucial to the whole story of
Moshe/Moses/Musa and the story of Exodus.

Who were these women?  What shaped and formed their
faith and their actions? What were their relationships with
each other, in the complicated world they found themselves
in?  Join Adele and Jumana as together they encounter these exceptional
women and uncover the stories where they all meet.

Additional quotes: ‘the best jihad is a word of truth to a tyrannical ruler’
hadeeth of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) Abu Dawud & Tirmidhi

‘Only one who can hear the cry of Moses the infant will be able to

properly understand the words of Moses the lawgiver’
Rabbi Isaac Luria

Adele Moss and Jumana  Moon are  both storytellers
with a particularly inspired by stories from their respective
faiths, Judaism and Islam.  They work with stories from
sacred texts as well as traditional folktales from Jewish
and Muslim communities. They formed  a Jewish-Muslim
storytelling partnership about 7 years ago, telling stories
in schools and at religious and cultural events.  This
partnership both celebrates and draws on the centuries of
shared friendship,scholarship – and stories between the two

Date: Sunday 8th March
Time: 3:30 – 6pm / Price: £5
(women only)

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