Rumi's Cave

Baraka Blue – An Evening of Poetry

baraka-blue-poetry-night-rumis-cave-1– INNER VISIONS WITH BARAKA BLUE –

An Evening of Poetry and Conversations @Rumi’s Cave

Join us for ~
An Evening of Poetry and Conversations with Baraka Blue @ Rumi’s Cave on ‘Rumi: Poetry of the Heart’
and it will be followed by his new book release ‘ Empty & the Ocean’ !
Friday 28th October 2016

Admission: 6.45pm

Performance Starts: 7pm

Booking Fee: £12

Address: Rumi’s Cave

26 Willesden Lane , NW6 7ST

Advanced Booking Only
In partnership with Sa Adah:

About Baraka Blue:
Baraka Blue is a highly acclaimed rapper and poet hailing from Seattle, Washington. He has performed all over North America as well as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. He is highly decorated within the global artist community for his original synthesis of spoken word poetry with the tradition of mystical poets such as Rumi and Hafiz. His most recent book of poetry is entitled ‘Reedbed Diaspora’. In addition to performances, he has taught classes and led creative writing workshops internationally. His sophomore album, ‘Majunun’s Lost Memoirs’ can be heard in cafes and concert halls all around the globe.

He is a teacher with a Masters Degree in Islamic Studies. His research focuses on Sufi Poetry, traditional Islamic Psychology/Spirituality, and Islam and Muslim communities in the West. He teaches regularly at Taleef Collective and helped formulate their Mu’allif Mentorship program, training community leaders to serve the practical and spiritual needs of their communities. He has regular workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements on topics such as Creative Writing, Writing as Spiritual Practice, Themes in Sufi Poetry, Understanding Rumi, Islam & Hip-Hop, Traditional Islamic Psychology: Ghazali and the Heart, Spiritually Transmitted Diseases, & Building Prophetic Communities.

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