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Talk&Discussion – Revival of Kufic Art


@Rumi’s Cave

with Ass. Professor Onur Simsek, Istanbul-based artist and architect.

Join us for an engrossing talk and open discussion on the geometrical Kufic Art and its revival on a Saturday evening.

Date:5th November 2016
Admission: 6.45pm
Talk starts: 7pm

*Free Entry

This presentation will give an overview of the development of the KUFI / MAKILI art from its origins to contemporary works in art and Architecture. An open discussion about modern Islamic art will conclude.

Onur Şimşek displays in his lecture a comparative narrative of the kufic art starting by its roots in Nabataean letters and first Quran scripts, continuing with examples in architecture from Isfahan to Edirne in the middle ages and finally with modern examples from Istanbul to Jakarta. The geometrical kufic art developed parallel to the flourish of islamic architecture and enriched the architectural examples gaining on complexity and representation. This geometrical kufic (also called makilî) calligraphy became the favorite ornamentation for centuries in Khorasan, Transoxania and Central Asia. Due to the changing architectural references and context like Constantinopel during the Ottoman empire other calligraphy types (f.e. Sülüs) established and the geometrical kufic examples shrank. But modern times reveals the revitalising of the geometric kufic calligraphy. Examples from different continents in art and architecture will complete the presentation and enable an open discussion about modern art and architecture.

Onur Şimşek , Ass. Prof. Born in 1982 in Salzburg, is architect and artist. He is teaching as Ass. Prof. at the faculty for Architecture and Design / Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University in Istanbul. He studied Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. After his master’s degree in 2010 with the title of ”Revitalising and rethinking courtyard housing in Sarajevo“, he planned as a practising architect in Vienna and wrote his PhD thesis A comparative analysis of the seljuqid courtyards “ at the TU-Vienna, which he submitted and defensed in 2014 successfully. Onur Şimşek authored about Barcelona, Gaudi, Istanbul-Bienale and Alhambra for the art and culture journal Sabah Ülkesi as well as about the theory of islamic Art for Ostarrichislam. Onur Şimşek gave lectures about Islamic Art and Architecture to diverse topics.

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