Rumi's Cave

Broken Branches – The Place of Man in Nature

broken-branches-1BROKEN BRANCHES –
Rumi’s Cave Film Screening and Discussion with the film director Dror Shohet

Date: Saturday, 12th November 2016
Time: 7 – 10pm
*Free Entry – no booking required

Join us for an evening of film screening and open discussion @Rumi’s Cave. Theme of the evening will be the place of man in nature.

‘Vegetative Love’ is a 35 minutes poetic documentary about the relation between men and nature in Israel- Palestine. The film won Best Film Award at Cinema South Festival, and was screened in festivals, galleries and universities around the globe.

A meditation exploring the place of trees in urban landscapes, arid desert planes, farming communities, and fields across Israel-Palestine. The film follows five characters, each of whom has a special relationship to trees, unravels an allegory about the place of man in nature.

About the Film Director:
Dror Shohet, born in Tel Aviv 1982, to a family of Jewish Iraqi descent. Studied animation at Bezalel academy in Jerusalem, and fine art at Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. BFA in Film Studies, Sapir school of audio and visual arts in Sderot. Won excellence prize award from the Department of Fine Arts, MFA, Haifa University on her video-art Haya, 8 min (2011). Participated at the Vilnius Artist In Residence (2012). Living Room – solo exhibition at Malonioji 6 Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. Won best film award for her documentary film Vegetative Love, 35 min, Cinema South Festival (2012). Director and Cinematographer, Wie geht es dir?, 13 min, documentary film (2013).

Reviews on the film:
Dr. Erez Perry (Artistic Director of Cinema South Festival):
“This unique film shows strong formalist sensibility and capture the collective unconscious of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a patience observation at nature. Vegetative Love visually incarnates the famous poem by one of the great Hebrew poets, Shaul Tchernichovsky who wrote in 1923”: “Man is but a small piece of land / Man is but an image of his homeland’s landscape”.

Best Film Award at Cinema South Festival:
“The jury has immense respect for the filmmaker’s creative integrity and maturity. Through its still imagery the film transports the viewer to a meditative stare. The courageous decision to keep the camera locked off creates a profound and lyrical experience of observing nature and provides a statement about our bond to it.”

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