Rumi's Cave

Man in the Modern World – Conduct and Qualities


MAN IN THE MODERN WORLD – Introduction to Conduct and Qualities

In a very real, practical and meaningful sense, values are the “pillars of civilization” 

Date: 5th November 2016

Time: 4.45pm – 7pm

*Free entry – no booking required

*Men and women are welcome.

Join us for a talk and discussion led by Sohaib Hassan on nobility and character in various world traditions – Samurai, Ottoman, West European, Persian and Arab.


By visiting connections between cultures we see how ‘adab’ – or ‘conduct’ is connected with the primordial nature of man.  

There will also be a chaired discussion – where the focus is on developing insights and wisdom rather than only knowledge.

– How can we nurture men of character?

– Building institutions for cultural exposition in the Information Age. 

– Can codes be updated for practical activities in the modern world?

Evolved conduct is something usually learned from a highly developed “system” of social ethics, moral values, religious virtues, and public manners.

@ Rumi’s Cave, 26 Willesden Lane, NW6 7ST

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