Rumi's Cave

Jesus Christ: A Storytelling Performance

Jesus Christ – Prophet Isa alayhissalam – Storytelling Performance by Khayaal Theatre Company with Q&A
Join us on Sunday afternoon @ Rumi’s Cave for an inspiring storytelling performance by Khayaal Theatre Company. Bring children,friends and family!
Date: 11th December 2016
Admission: 2:45pm
Performance Start: 3pm
Running time 30 -35 minutes
Booking Fee: £10 via eventbrite or pay on the door. Half price for children.
*Free for under 5.
Address: Rumi’s Cave 26 Willesden Lane, NW6 7ST
Khayaal Theatre presents – Jesus Christ: A Storeytelling Performance
‘This breath of Jesus which brings a new dawn each hour rouses the head of the sleeping world from the dust.”
-Diwan of Fariduddin Attar-
A Dark night. The kingdom of a cruel king. In a sacred temple, a woman preparing for worship lights a lamp only to be startled by a much brighter light. An angel conveys the heavenly news of a blessed child: Jesus, peace be upon him.
A reverent and atmospherically rich performance of the story of the prophet known as the Spirit of God follows, from his miracolous birth to his glorious ascension.
Khayaal’s Christmas storytelling offering presents an episodic account of the life of Prophet Isa (as) interspersed with his teachings from the Qur’an and the Bible based on traditional Islamic and Christian sources.
Khayaal is a multi-award-winning theatre and drama education company dedicated to the exploration of Muslim world literature and the experience of Muslims in the modern world for the stage, radio and screen.
Rumi’s Cave
Inspired by the legacy of Rumi, we aim to provide the cultural, social and spiritual foundations; to nurture individuals, revive communities and build bridges in society.

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