Rumi's Cave


We are delighted to announce the upcoming poetry workshop that will take place @ Rumi’s Cave led by Sukina Pilgrim this workshop will take attendees on a journey towards writing their own poems of love and praise about the Prophet Muhammed (saw)

*Session Two*
Theme: Poems of Praise of The Beloved

Saturday 17th December, 2016
Admission: 2:00pm
Workshop: 2:15 – 5:30pm
Booking Fee: £15 via eventbrite
Concession Fee: £10
(available on the door)

Sign up now! via:

We have entered into the Islamic month of Rabi al Awwal, the month that Prophet Muhammed (upon him be peace) was born, in this month Muslims all over the world recite poems of praise and love of the Beloved of Allah (saw)

Poetry about the Prophet Muhammed (saw) has always been part of the Muslim experience from the words of Hassan ibn Thabit (ra) a poet who lived in the time of the Messenger to the words of poet Imam al Busayri who wrote the Qasidah al Burdah which decorates the Prophet’s Tomb in Medina and is recited all over the Muslim world.

There is a wealth of poetry written in Arabic, Farsi,Turkish, Urdu, Hausa, Wolof, Malay and many other languages however poems written about the beloved (saw) in English is still rare so this workshop will be all about writing poems of love and praise about the Prophet Muhammed (saw) expressed in English.

Workshop Content:

*We will look at famous poems that have been written about the *Messenger (saw) focussing on poetic technique and also descriptive language.

*We will look at key moments in the life of the Prophet (saw) that might provide inspiration for the poetry.

*We will look at his (saw) praiseworthy characteristics and beautiful attributes.

*We will also discuss our personal relationship with him and how that can be included into our poems.

*We will look at the structure of traditional Arabic praise poetry and use these elements in our poem.

From the workshop you will leave with two pieces of poetry
1) The first one will focus on the Prophet’s (saw) life or key moments (For example – his blessed birth, his Hijrah to Medina or the reconquest of Mecca)

2) The second piece will be more personal, based on your love, feelings, aspirations and relationship with The Messenger of Allah (saw)

For Whom? :
This workshop is open to all levels, no experience is necessary.
absolute beginners and seasoned writers.

More than anything this workshop is about learning, talking about and increasing love for the Prophet Muhammed (saw)

*Attendees will leave with 2/3 pieces of poetry*

Sukina Pilgrim is one half of Spoken Word and Hip Hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage and has been writing and performing for over 10 years. She has performed across the UK, Europe the USA and North and South Africa sharing her Poetry and Hip Hop that has led her to share stages with artists such as Talib Kweli, K’naan, Rakim, Brother Ali, Bahamadia, Amir Sulaiman and many others. She has led poetry workshops with diverse communities in the UK, South Africa, Chicago, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Morocco and many other countries helping to inspire people with the power of the ‘word.’

To secure your place please sign up via eventbrite!

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