Rumi's Cave

#CaveAcademy Lectures: Media and Violence by Musab Iqbal

New Lecture Series at #CaveAcademy


4-week lectures led by Musab Iqbal – PhD candidate, University of Westminster –

Wednesdays 7-9pm / @Rumi’s Cave

21th December 2016

Overview of the week:
Lecture Three:

Media and Violence

What is the relation between media and violence today? How media perpetuates violence through not only representation but also through language and knowledge? How the construction of time in media can lead to violence? What is the fate of thinking in times of mediated violence?

#CaveAcademy – seasonal lectures continue at Rumi’s Cave with an educational focus. This initiative was founded on the principle that those in power should not have a monopoly on knowledge; and so our aim is to empower people at a grassroots level.

-Reflections on Time – New Lecture Series:
Our next season is entitled REFLECTIONS ON TIME and will consist of 4-week lectures led by Musab Iqbal who is currently a PhD candidate in Media and Communication Department from University of Westminster, where he also teach undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The format of these classes will consist of 2-hour seminars every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm starting from October 7th December 2016. There will be recommended reading available throughout to make the most of the sessions. Further details for each seminar are available below.

Please register your interest to attend by emailing with the subject #CaveAcademy or easily register via :

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