Rumi's Cave

How vital is your force?

HOW VITAL IS YOUR FORCE? – A Workshop by Homeopath Amele Younsi


Join Amele’s workshop at Rumi’s Cave to embrace confidence and strength by using homeopathy methods.

Date: 14th January 2017
Time: 11am – 1pm
Venue: Rumi’s Cave
Address: 26 Willesden Lane NW6 7ST
Register via:
Tickets: *£10/15
*Early Bird

Homeopathy is one of the way that we have found to stimulate Life Force, life energy, what is also called vitality. Many people find themselves with diminished life force, even in their youth. Many suffer allergies, aches and pains,d digestive problems, sleep problems, chronic diseases. How come that with the progress of medicine, we have become weak. What distinguishes being ALIVE from dead?

This workshop is a discussion , Amele will present shortly about the life force, and then share tips and ways to increase once’s energy. Energy in the body can only be sustain with a healthy mind and soul. When the soul, mind and body are aligned, harmony is restored and one can find their life path, one can find again the reason why we are here. What role do we have to play and how to inspire others? Life is a test and life is a gift. It is paramount to live it fully and not settle for something mediocre. How through healing we can become a greater version of ourselves, how we can break free from the routine : work-home-sleep-work-home-sleep…. How to create a lifestyle rather than having a job. How to live a more wholesome life by simply listening, tuning in to what our heart wants to guide us to.

For whom?:
Anyone who feels as

1. lacking energy
2. depression
3. anxiety and worry
4. chronic disease such as diabetes, allergies, asthma, eczema and so on
5. lacking direction
6. purposeless

About Amele Younsi
Amele is a trained Homeopath, an aspiring nano-alchemist. Her strength lies in encouraging you to dive deep into your murky waters, to help you rise to the surface with jewels you thought didn’t exist. We may be creating a space together but it is you who will be leading healing. Homeopathy brings to life the principle of like cures like, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, it doesn’t suppress diseases. This 300 years old system of medicine encourages us to see symptoms as the cure in progress. Over the years, she has helped her clients with all sort of ailments from sleep issues, anxiety, toxicity, grief, depression, mood-swings, weight gain, eczema and other skin complaints, cancer, diabetes and so on. She has trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, Regent’s Park London, both in classical and clinical homeopathy. She is a homeopathic advisor for Ainsworths Pharmacy and run a busy practice in London and globally.

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