Rumi's Cave



Join us to explore the traditional art of crafting stories through using the right words,voices, gestures and expressions at Rumi’s Cave with the inspiring Storyteller Jumana Moon!

Date: Saturday, 28th Jan ’17
Time: 2 – 6 pm
Fee: *£10/15 *.con fee for students
Sign up via:


Jumana in her storytelling workshop offers an introduction to the art of traditional storytelling. In the workshop we aim to:

* explore the difference between personal storytelling and traditional storytelling. We will use practical exercises in telling and listening to personal stories. Come ready to use your words!

* look at how to structure, plan and learn a story. Ways of using essential elements of storytelling such as the use of language, tone of voice, gestures and expression. Storytelling is not just what is said but how it is said.

* learn one short traditional story in the workshop and gain practical experience of telling it to others.

* look at the sources of stories in various traditions and where to start looking for the stories you want to tell.

About Storyteller Jumana Moon:

is a storyteller with a great love of stories, tales, myths & legends of all kinds and has been collecting stories since childhood. They are, she says ‘her favourite things’. She is particularly inspired by stories from her Islamic faith: stories from sacred text; folk tales and stories from the tradition of devotional poetry such as Rumi, Jami’ & Nizami.

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