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Book Launch & Talk: What is the meaning of salawat?

Book Launch & Talk: What is the meaning of salawat? – Light for the Seeker

by Dr Samer Dajani ( Editor – Translator)

Join us for a talk on the meaning of salawat and a book launch of ”Light for the Seeker”, a collection of forty salawat written by Shaykh Salih al-Jafari at Rumi’s Cave on Tuesday, 7th Feb with the translator of the book Dr Samer Dajani.

What Time: 7pm

When:Tue 7th Feb ’17

Where: Rumi’s Cave

How: register via


light-for-the-seeker-book-launchThis book contains a beautiful collection of forty salawat written by Shaykh Salih al-Jafari, so that it can suffice a believer as his daily litany after the noble Qur’an. One style of salawat which has been favoured by several scholars and pious men, is to incorporate praises of the Messenger of Allah s that begin with the different letters of the Arabic alphabet. Shaykh Salih incorporated such an ‘alphabet of praise’ or ‘alphabet of perfections,’ as we may call it, as if to remind us that this noble Seal of the Prophets contains within him the entire range of possible perfections. It also serves to remind us that he s is the starting point of every goodness that comes to us from our Lord, for all our blessings are attributed to us being members of his blessed ummah.

We hope that the benefit we receive from reading the salawat in this book will be increased through the baraka (blessing) in this chain of authorisations linking us to the Messenger of Allah. Furthermore, Shaykh Salih’s son and successor, Shaykh Abd al-Ghani al-Jafari, has given a general authorisation for people to recite the salawat of Shaykh Salih.

One of the most unique features of this book is the inclusion of two poems of dua to Allah for the removal of difficulties and bringing ease to one’s affairs, which rhyme most beautifully not only in the Arabic original but also in the English translation.

Clear and easy to read Arabic font. Includes translation and transliteration.


Introduction 1
Commencement of the Gathering 7
Forty Ṣalawat 11
Thirty Salawat for Easing that which has been Decreed 67
The Opener of Locks 75
The Prayer for Swift Relief and Ease 83
Ninety-Nine Names of Allah 97
The Quranic Defences 105
The Supplications of Praise 111
The Prayer of Wondrous Relief & Quick Opening 115

further details:

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