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WORKSHOP: DOCUMENTARY FILM-MAKING with a Smartphone – Led by William Barylo –


– Led by William Barylo –documentary-workshop-at-cave

Join us for interactive workshops to easily get the basics of film-making and be able to shoot autonomously with a simple smartphone.


Date:11th – 25th Feb Sat

Time: 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Fee: *£15/25 whole course | £*10/15 per session
*con. fee for students / unemployed

Sign up:

Venue:Rumi’s Cave, 26 Willesden Lane NW6 7ST


In this interactive workshop the participants will learn the basics of documentary writing and film-making.

The participants will be able to deliver a short film at the end of the workshop, shot entirely on their smartphones, with the help and mentoring of the course supervisor.

Equipment needed for participants: 1 smartphone. 1 App for editing videos.

It is recommended to leave at least 2 weeks between each session as homeworks are required.

Session – 1 , 11th Feb

1. Telling a Story

Introduction to and overview of the workshop series

Discussion: what story do you want to tell?

Presentation of styles of narration and storywriting for documentaries, video examples

Methodology and Ethical concerns

Homework: choose a subject and write a short storyline

2. Framing the subject

Feedback: Everyone share the stories they have written. Comment and Review

Discussion: How to show a static subject and express feelings through picture?

Presentation of the rules of framing and composition

Interactive discussion and practice in Rumi’s Cave: everyone tries to film short sequences, which I will review.

Homework: Shoot a static scene in order to express emotions,

Session 2 – 25th Feb

3. Action

Feedback: Everyone share the sequences they have shot. Comment and Review

Discussion: How to film people?

Presentation of different styles of action shots and interview

Homework: Shoot an interview and people in action

4. Editing

Feedback: Everyone share their shots. People comment and I review.

Discussion: how to edit movies?

Presentation of simple tips to edit movies, video examples

Interactive practice

Homework: Everyone shoots a 2-5 minutes short documentary for next time

5. Final session: Going Live

Feedback on everyone’s documentaries

Discussion for going further: equipment, distribution, funding, use, etc

About William Barylo:

William Barylo is an independent researcher focusing on the articulations between diasporic cultures, religions and hyper-modernity from a decolonial and restorative perspective. He is an awarded photographer and film-maker having directed the internationally released documentary “Polish Muslims: an unexpected meeting,” premiered at the Polish Embassy in London. He is also a blogger for the Huffington Post UK. His forthcoming book “Young Muslim Change-Makers” (Routledge) is due for release in 2017.

for further details:

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