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The 12 Greatest Imams of all Time course

Thank you for your interest in enrolling on The 12 Greatest Imams of all Time course.All proceeds go to sponsoring an orphan with charity Penny Appeal.

To enrol- follow these 3 easy steps!

1. Upfront payment of £180 goes directly to Penny Appeals Orphan Fund. Or sign up to pay £15 per month for a year. Go to this link donate.

2. Once you receive your confirmation from Penny Appeal, make note of your authorisation code.

3. Go to this link and enrol making sure that you enter the correct authorisation code from you Penny Appeal confirmation.We look forward to seeing you!


Sheikh Babikir wants to give everyone the opportunity to gain knowledge and gain the barakah of sponsoring an orphan. Thus, sponsoring an orphan is the key to the course.

This course aims to be finished by Ramadan, we want to enter the blessed month with the deed of sponsoring an orphan and with the knowledge of these 12 great people. Penny Appeal offers you the choice of sponsoring either one, two or three orphans.

Q. £15 a month? But the classes are weekly?

A. The overall cost of the course is the cost of sponsoring an orphan with Penny Appeal. However you can choose to sponsor one, two or three orphans.

Q. What do I do if I only want to attend specific lessons and not the entire course, can I pay less?

A. The full amount of one of Penny Appeal’s orphan packages must be purchased, whether it be a payment in full or a monthly agreement.

Q. If I miss a few classes can I catch up?

A. Lessons will be recorded and can be requested by the attendee if they miss class.

Q. If I choose another package?

A. You are welcome to choose any of the three Orphan Sponsorship packages. The proceeds for this course is to specifically help orphans.Care for an orphan for 50p a day

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