Shaykh Ali Laraki Event posterTHE BOOK OF CREED – 3 Days Course


For those who would like to get ready and refresh the foundational knowledge of their belief just before the holy month of Ramadan, here is a great opportunity for you with 3 days course on The Book of Creed.

Date: Fridays 5 – 12 – 17 May 2017

Time: 3 hours , 6:30 – 9:30pm

Venue: Rumi’s Cave

Address: 26 Willesden Lane, NW6 7ST London

Course Fee: *£30/40 (*concession for students)

Register via eventbrite!


The course will consist on the reading translation and commentary of the chapter on WHAT IT IS OBLIGATORY FOR THE TONGUES TO PRONOUNCE AND THE HEARTS TO BELIEVE from the famous Risala of Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani.

It will include the following subjects:
– Allah
– The Qur’an
– The Decree
– Belief in the Messengers and in Muhammad – peace be upon him
– Resurrection and Judgement
– Reward and punishment
– Events on the Day of Resurrection
– Īmān
– Angels
– Authorities
It is one of the most famous formulations of the Tenets of Belief of Ahlus Sunna wal Jama’a according to the way of the school of Ahl al-Athar.

The commentary will provide insight on the positions of the different schools of kalam and refutations to deviant approaches and opinions.

The material to be provided will be the Arabic text of the ‘Aqida and its English translation.

About Shaykh Ali Laraki:

He is Ali ibn Abdulhaq al-‘Iraqi al-Husaini. Born in Malaga (Spain) in 1965 and brought up in Tangier (Morocco).

He holds a degree (Ijaza)in Shari’a and Usul ad-Din by the European Faculty of Islamic Sciences (France). He has studied Islamic Sciences in the traditional way with various ‘ulama like Shaykh Muhammad al-Kassbi (Morocco), Sidi ‘Abd al-Salam Afkir (Morocco), Shaykh Muhammad al-Naifar (Tunisia), Sheykh Muhammad al-Lakhwa (Tunisia), Sidi Muhammad al-Wazzani (Morocco), holding ijazat from some of them.

He has translated into Spanish and commented the Risala of Ibn Abi Zaid al-Qairawani, the Hikam of Ibn ‘Ataillah, the Ajurrumiya of Ibn Ajurrum, the Dala’il al-Khairat of Al-Jazuli, the Burda of Al-Busayri. He is also the author of The Practical Guidebook (a commentary on the Al-Murshid al-Mu’in of Ibn ‘Ashir), ‘Aqida–Two treatises on Muslim Creed, A commentary on Surat al-Fatiha, An Introduction to the Science of Tasawwuf, A Treatise on Islamic Governance and a number of other works.

Under the guidance of Shaykh Abdulqadir as-Sufi, he has lived and taught in South Africa, Spain, the USA and the United Kingdom. He has been Imam Khatib in Newark NJ (USA), Madrid (Spain), the Jami’a Mosque of Cape Town (South Africa) and lecturer in Islamic Studies there at the Dallas College. He has been Imam Khatib at the Ihsan Mosque in Norwich where he taught Tafsir, Ash’ari Aqida and Maliki fiqh.

He currently holds the position of Main Teacher and Adviser of The Meem Institute, an institution established in Leicester in 2011 in order to transmit the three aspects of the Deen, Islam, Iman and Ihsan.

The Madina Institute is honored to have Shaykh Laraki as instructor in Usul al-Fiqh, Maliki Fiqh & Sirah.

Organised with the partnership of The Meem Institute

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