Rumi’s is highlighting FOUR campaigns to donate for this Ramadan as noted by our chairman Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir:

1. Rumi’s Kitchen: This Ramadan help us to reach our target of £5,000 so that we can continue our work at Rumi’s Kitchen. Since 2012, we opened our doors to our local community, providing refuge for the homeless, food for the hungry and company to those who find themselves alone.

The money we raise this month will go towards
(long term sustainable solutions of):
-New shoes and clothing for rough sleepers
-A new fridge/freezer to store donations
-Support for guests seeking accommodation and/or employment

Donate here:

2. Zanzibar: Sheikh Babikir just visited some of the poorest school’s and vulnerable families. He promised with our community support we would help them raise enough money to shelter their school. One madrasa cost is £10,000. Our intention is to also provide meals for some of the poorest families and orphans. Who shaykh saw with his own eyes on sustained themselves on one meal a day. This money 100% will be given to the people, God willing.

Donate here:

3. PennyAppeal are doing great work to support the poorest of families globally, just like kitchen we are about sharing our food with dignity. Please support their great campaign to serve meals to those have nothing to little to break their fasts with.

Donate here:

4. Colombia Appeal

Colombia suffered one of their biggest natural disaster on the 2nd of April 2017.

More than 300 families have been affected and many people are still missing and unaccounted for in the remaining aftermath of a powerful mudslide which hit in the early hours of the morning.

A lot of vulnerable children were sleeping and many are still missing from their homes.
We are raising money to help rebuild the communities and help countless of lives that have been hit by this disaster in a country that is strained by economic resources.

Ulfa Aid has come together to contribute to helping those most in need in this part of the world.

Our successful walk has already raised £800 and our continuing aim is to reach 5K to put back into the Colombian communities of this remote area of Latin America.‬