Rumi’s Kitchen

Rumi’s Kitchen

Rumi’s Kitchen is a weekly community kitchen for the homeless and vulnerable in North-West London, serving quality meals and providing a safe welcoming environment for those in need.

We like to feed people at Rumi’s Kitchen, but we are certainly about more than just offering a hot meal to those who come in off the street. The respect and dignity with which we treat our guests, makes Rumi’s Kitchen unique. We welcome the homeless and vulnerable as if they were guests in our own homes: with warmth and a freshly cooked meal. We sit with them, break bread with them, get to know them and let them get to know us.

We are currently operating on a weekly basis and regularly catering for over 100 individuals, yet we are determined to do more. We would love to run more regularly and in more locations, and also to expand into running welfare projects for our guests.

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