Rumi’s Rosales Summer Retreat 2016

Rumi’s Cave is proud to present for the sixth year running, God willing, “Signs of the Hour, what have you prepared?” Spiritual retreat set in the picturesque Alquería de Rosales (Azagra)

Join us in the enchanting Andalucian countryside in southern Spain for a retreat that will take you on a journey towards reconnection and revival. Taking place in the midst of summer. This retreat will provide seekers with the perfect escape from the city and the tools necessary to build a foundation for the year ahead, God willing.

RetreatA man asked the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), “When will the Hour be established O Allah’s Apostle?” The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked, “What have you prepared for it?” It is this very question that will be the basis of our retreat this year, God willing.

Set in the picturesque Alqueria de Rosales surrounded by rolling hills, cherry orchards and almond trees with the open sky as our canopy. This is the perfect setting for the seeker looking for a moment away to reconnect.

These spiritual and fun packed days will include:

– Spiritual Seminars with Sheikh Babikir and *Special Guest* (TBH)
– Nature and spirituality
– Dhikr and Quran sessions
– Herbal and Prophetic Medicine
– Poetry Workshops
– Archery
– Arts and crafts workshops (e.g ceramics, calligraphy etc)
– Sleeping under the stars
– Excursions (Al- Hambra) for those staying 7 nights and (La Sagra) for all attending
– Walks
– Men / Womens Swimming – Football / Basketball – Cycling – Silat (Malaysian martial arts)
– Group Workshops

Please email to book your place and to find out costs and more information.