Talk & Discussion: Man in the Modern World – ‘ Conduct and Qualities’

MAN IN THE MODERN WORLD – Introduction to Conduct and Qualities
-In a very real, practical and meaningful sense, values are the “pillars of civilization” –
Date: 5th November 2016
Time: 4.45pm – 7pm
Address: Rumi’s Cave , 26 Willesden Lane NW6 7ST
*Free entry – no booking required
*Man and woman are welcome.
Join us for an exploration of the qualities of noble mind and character in various world traditions – Samurai, Ottoman, West European, Persian and Arab.
By visiting connections between cultures we see how ‘adab’ – or ‘conduct’ is connected with the primordial nature of man.
There will also be a chaired discussion – where the focus is on developing insights and wisdom rather than only knowledge.
– How can we nurture men of character?
– Building institutions for cultural exposition in the Information Age.
– Can Codes be updated for practical activities in the modern world?
Evolved conduct is something usually learned from a highly developed “system” of social ethics, moral values, religious virtues, and public manners.
An overview of some ‘universal values’ that link the highest ideals of varied honourable traditions such as the
A comparison of ‘universal values’ with the Arab Muslim tradition of futuwwah. Muslims are the ethical heirs of a great moral estate.